RIOTORS EDIT: Since we have about 15 active soldiers from UK alone, WW always schedules battles to where UK cannot come. Therefore, the battle outcomes will not be accurate since our UK cannot come. Lets go anyways, we can still win.

Battle for 5th Place

When – This friday October 30th

Time – 5:00pm pst, 6:00pm mst, 7:00pm CST, 8:00pm est, 1:00am UK

Who – WW vs. GW

This event is worth 6 Gold Coins!!! Just remember that if you chose to fight against GW, you WILL lose coins. Also the promotions are not permanent until the 31st and can still be editted. So if you are inactive and do not come or you fight against us you may end up getting demoted.

Now let’s go out and show WW why we are the Golden Warriors and why we won the number 5 army spot in the first place. Its time to Crush the Watex Warriors!!!!!

!!!Rise of the Golden Warriors!!!

Comment on this post or you MAY not recieve the coins for coming so start now and Comment away!!!


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