2 Penguin Contest!!! & A 2nd warning for all editors and up!!!

Many of you have been asking when we will have another contest. Well I am in need of a membership myself so I will not be having a membership contest. I started thinking and I do have 2 great penguins (non-members) that I can give out. They both have many many items and lots of money. Pretty sweet eh? Here is a picture of both penguins.

2 pengs

All you will have to do is figure out their names and tell me and I will send you their passwords. Their will be one winner for each penguin. Make sure your ALWAYS active on chat because every once in awhile Ill come on and give a random hint to help you figure out the name. I may edit a post also giving out a hint. Good luck.



We have warned everybody already. Now we will start punishing. I come on the GW website once and we have like 30 comments on a post. Then whenever I come on again we have only like 4. People keep deleting our comments. We now have WordPress with my account on “watch” so whenever somebody deletes comments, I can ask wordpress and they can log on and check EXACTLY who is doing it.

If you are caught deleting comments here are your punishments.

  1. First offence – warning
  2. Second offence – temperary bann from editor/admin.
  3. Third offence – permanent bann from editor.

You will also lose all my respect for you if you keep this up. I am tired of it, so now its time to act your age and stop deleting comments/posts.



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