H.O.F = Hall of fame


We are currently making a new page. It is called the  gw hall of fame or the gw h.o.f. We used to have a legends section on the bottom of the ranks, but I felt that we should dedicate a whole page to those who helped GW to rise as much as we did today. Right now we have Cold Pizza and shaky Badger up. Click here to view the page.

Here is how to get on the page:

  1. Help the Golden Warriors out alot. You cannot just be inactive, you must help.
  2. Follow all rules and do not start problems. This is important.
  3. You must be with us for awhile. You cannot just join and expect to get on.
  4. You must stay active. If you are inactive, how are we supposed to know about you.
  5. You must be a loyal soldier. If you chose to fight against us in a battle, it makes you look bad.

Thats the main 5 things to help you get on the H.O.F. page.

Now if there are any people that you think belongs on the H.O.F. page that is on the ranks right now, please comment them. I may add them. You do not have to be retired to get on the H.O.F. page, you just have to follow the 5 things given.



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