New plans for Saturday. Make sure to come!!!!!




We came to an agreement with the MFW and so we now own 40% of Yeti. We also dropped the server Snowcone for the Sun Troopers. We are now lacking a party server. What do you say? Lets win back an old server and an old part of history for us. Lets Re-invade Sabertooth Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Saturday, November 14th

Time: 12:00 (noon) PST, 1:00 pm MST, 2:00 pm CST, 3:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm UK

!Be there early!

Server: Sabertooth

Room: Snow Forts

Chat: Gw chat. Click here.

What we want : I want EVERYBODY to come. We want to claim back a good piece of history :P.

>>!!!!!!!This Event Is Worth 5 Coins!!!!!!<<


Rules For This Battle!

  1. No allies. Just GW and whoever owns sabertooth.
  2. No bots. This is against all army rules.
  3. No arguing over who wins. It will be clear when GW dominates 😛
  4. If GW wins then we own full claim to the server Sabertooth
  5. This is a 30 minute battle. If you do not show up in the first 10 its an auto. forfeit.




Ok this is one of Juneau2’s Rare posts, ok so i’ve gotten a couple ideas for this but first here is the times and stuff.


Date: Sunday, november 15th

Time: 12:00 pst, 1:00 mtn, 2:00 cst, 3:00 est, 8:00 uk

Server: Halfpipe

Room: town (thats the start)

What we want : I want ppl to make us look as big as possible, i want to test out new ideas, i want u to show up too 😛

>>This event is worth 2 coins<<

I hope to see Every one of you at every one of these events, but if you can only make one event, make sure it is the Invasion of yeti. The second invasion. Please fill in this form if you can go.

Penguin name:
Which events can you go to (hopefully invasion 2):
Any other info. you want us to know:

!!!Thats all you have to do!!!



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