Taking a break

Edit: Please welcome Trickster as a temperary leader of the Golden Warriors while Saiyaman is gone. He is not a permanent leader though, and has many army experience.

I am here to say that I will be taking a break from CP armies. I will not retire, but I will consider it as a vacation. The reason I am doing this is because I am getting addicted to xat and CP. My parents are getting mad about me being on the computer. I will not be here for a month. I am hoping the other leaders can keep Golden Warriors alive. Also please do not quit because I left. I will be back and if you quit it shows how unloyal you are. If the army falls I might return from my vacation. I will be watching over you guys. I might comment once in a while and maybe go on chat sometimes. Good luck to GW and  rise while I’m gone.



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