Yes it’s true I am retiring! I will share my history:

One day I was a normal penguin! I would just hang around on cp with my friends. I was as normal as an average penguin! One day I was at the Dojo when ACP came in! I was like wow I’ve never seen so many green ppl lol! I asked Boomer what is this thingy? he said, “ACP strongest army in clubpenguin” I was like =O soo I was in ACP in my own mind. I was really just a nOObie lol. I then found out the website from a friend and I joined. I became a Sergeant in ACP and am now a Brig. Gen. …. I later joined all thses other armies and became a blogger.

Thats a shorter version of my story and I would like to thank these ppl.

Saiyaman Xc-You were the coolest friend I ever had

Wiggle Nn- U helped me join other armies nuddy 😀

Riotors-Well you were always awesome and nice to me

Pirate Cody-uhm u had ur ups and downs

Cold Pizza-U were always nice

Panthers Bas- U were usually cool

Monster-IDK about you lol but ur cool

Deet007-Idk wat I could have done wit out you! 🙂

Juneau2-U were nice i guess


THANK YOU EVERYONE! I WILL STILL VISIT CHAT BUT I AM NO LONGER PLAYING CP! I hope u all still like me and I would like to remain owner 4ever and a legend… once again thank-you If i forgot you plz comment and i would like to be an editor so i can dd other ppl.

~Kaisin for the last time~


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