Reminder For Events Tomorrow (2 invasions)

Edit #2: We are coming out with a GW army news site. It is still under construction. Also please visit my newly born army the Shadow Warriors. CPUN is coming back again.

Riotors Edit: We will be coming out with some amazing things with the site next week. Make sure you come to one, if not two of the invasions below. Comment for which one you can make!

First we are invading the Crews Server Polar Bear.

The Alliance Color:


We will be invading 2 servers the CPC has used in the past: Polar Bear and Shiver.  There will be a chat and leaders for each server.  Both invasions will be simulataneous, so CPC cannot defend both at full strength.  I want all armies there 30 minutes early for recruiting.  Even if the Crew doesn’t show, I want to see just how huge we can be.

For the next part, only post the Invasion your army is going to (see list below):

Invasion of Polar Bear

Armies: ACP, GW, WW, HSA, BP, Other Armies Starting with A-D

Main Leaders: Boomer 20, Lucario564

When: Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where: Polar Bear Snow Forts


Uniform: Blue


11:00 am PST

12:00 pm MST

1:00 pm CST

2:00 pm EST

7:00 pm U.K.

Now one hour later we are re-invading Sabertooth


Date: Saturday, November 14th

Time: 12:00 (noon) PST, 1:00 pm MST, 2:00 pm CST, 3:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm UK

!Be there early!

Server: Sabertooth

Room: Snow Forts

Chat: Gw chat. Click here.

What we want : I want EVERYBODY to come. We want to claim back a good piece of history :P.

>>!!!!!!!This Event Is Worth 3 Coins!!!!!!<<

Rules For This Battle!

  1. No allies. Just GW and whoever owns sabertooth.
  2. No bots. This is against all army rules.
  3. No arguing over who wins. It will be clear when GW dominates 😛
  4. If GW wins then we own full claim to the server Sabertooth
  5. This is a 30 minute battle. If you do not show up in the first 10 its an auto. forfeit.

Which Event Can You Go To?


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