Invasion Results

Flipper: I decided to have an unscheduled recruiting session with the people on chat at a random time ; here is our results.

We half try Juneau's new tactic: Boxing the enemy in the room.

We make a line across the chatbar

We had a full chat =D

Riotors Edit: Check out our new Banner. What do you think of it?

"!Join The Golden Warriors Today!"

Our Invasion Went Great!!!!!! Nobody showed up to fight against us, so we just invaded and had fun. We will have more info on the invasion of the Crews server Polar bear later. Now for the invasion of Sabertooth. I missed the invasion by like 10 minutes 😦 but it was amazing. Here are some pictures taken during it.



We hold our Line of Epicness and say, “Golden Warriors Own You.” Which we do! xD


Dont forget about the recruitment session tomorrow

Ok this is one of Juneau2’s Rare posts, ok so i’ve gotten a couple ideas for this but first here is the times and stuff.


Date: Sunday, november 15th

Time: 12:00 pst, 1:00 mtn, 2:00 cst, 3:00 est, 8:00 uk

Server: Halfpipe

Room: town (thats the start)

What we want : I want ppl to make us look as big as possible, i want to test out new ideas, i want u to show up too

>>This event is worth 2 coins<<

I hope you can come to my  recruiting session (it is my first)

Also check out my new tactic.

Orange = us

blue = enemy


have at least 7 solders on each path out of the town. Surround the enemy on the inside.

Make a line on each side of the Town. Have AT LEAST 7 people in each line to secure it. Trap the enemy on the inside. They have nowhere to run and no way to attack. They can only try to break one line at a time as a whole army and if they split they will be too small to even come close to breaking our lines. When the war is almost over we can joke bomb them from both sides in an even more Epic Victory!!!!!!

~Riotors, Junea, & Saiyaman~


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