Tactics Session? (Today, Wednesday)

UPDATE – Tactics Session is today at 3:00pst. Make sure to come and be on GW chat for orders.

Rio’s Edit: Sweet Sai. This will be alot of fun. I hope everybody can come.

Sai edit- I would like to also teach GW some new tactivs I’ve come up with. So be sure to be there.

Well even though we have GREAT tactics, we still need some work. Here is a tactics session for us next Wednesday.

When: Wednesday, Nov. 18th.

Where: Klondike (we share it with acp), Town to start

Times: 3:00 PST, 4:00 MST, 5:00 CST, 6:00 EST, 11:00 UK

Here are some things for us to work on.

First the Town Lockup.


Make a line on each side of the Town. Have AT LEAST 7 people in each line to secure it. Trap the enemy on the inside. They have nowhere to run and no way to attack. They can only try to break one line at a time as a whole army and if they split they will be too small to even come close to breaking our lines. When the war is almost over we can joke bomb them from both sides in an even more Epic Victory!!!!

Also the Arrow


This is a new tactic. that I came up with. We make a curved line/arrow of at least 15 people. This is hard to break and it blocks their way back to the town and to the soccer pitch. The only place they can go from here is the plaza. They will have to spread out a lot to cover this line since it is both large and curved. With them spreading out that much, it is easy to overpower their “bomb” that they are using to break it.

And finally, the Golden Brick


Whenever somebody tries to break our line, we will do this tactic. We will say on chat Golden Brick or Gold coins on 3 and count down. Whenever we say 3 we expect you all to press E & M on your keyboard to do the gold coin symbol. Whenever you do it do not stop. Keep pressing E & M to keep the coins up. When they try to bomb us, all they will see is coins. 😛 Talk about a smack in the face for them.

Now here is a random picture of me and Jeepkid. lol I was on cp to get the tactic pictures and then he came along. So I took a picture of both that and a random sign I found 😛



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