The Beginning of a New Era

EDIT: The CPL army is invading Yeti from MFW. We are not getting involved since CPL is our allies and we think they are only invading MFW’s portion of the server. If they chose to invade ours too, then thats when we get involved and make them suffer 😉

When the Golden Warriors were formed we had MAJOR results. Our chat was always full, we had ALOT of soldiers at battles, and  we were a successful army. Now we have grown to an even larger size, but as we are growing, we are lacking our chat. We still get alot more people on club penguin, but our chat is not as great as it should be. If you do not know our chat is If we can keep almost a full chat on at all times, then we would be able to take almost every army. Instead we have certain people that get on chat all the time and some that just gets on whenever a battle is taking place. Now here is the beginning of a new/better era for the Golden Warriors.

  1. If you are on chat alot each week, we will reward you with golden coins.
  2. Each time we kick butt in a battle, we will now promo 1 person afterwards.
  3. Whenever we reach a full chat, 1 member will be a mod for 1 hour & 1 mod will be an owner for 1 hour.
  4. All of the above only takes place if you are active on chat.

Now are we a falling army? No! We are rising, but as we are rising old soldiers do not feel the need to get on chat anymore until battle time. So this will hopefully change things. We want EVERYBODY, old and new soldiers, on chat whenever they can. This is now the beginning of a new Era for the Golden Warriors. A better Era. The Golden Warriors will and are rising to be a great army. Just keep up the hard work guys.

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!


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