Who celebrates Thanksgiving?

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Rio’s Edit: Oh then great job Sai 😛 and nice pictures then flipper.

~**~New Chat Graphics Coming Soon~**~

Sai edit- Hey I’m the one who started the recruiting session (D). Flipper took the pictures xP

Rio’s Edit: Sweet job Flipper. The Native American team WILL pwn :P. Also if you see El64, Huladude, Ruler6413, or Kubmeiy around please help them out. This is their first club penguin army.

Edit: WE HAD A PWNING UNSCHEDULED RECRUITING SESSION! Here are the owning pics: ( And this was unscheduled) 8)

The first half of the more then full chat,

Flipper Here.

Here in GW, we respect every nation that our soldiers come from, and I for one know Thanksgiving is coming up in some countries, and I thought it would be cool to celebrate our soldiers Thanksgivings! Now, CPAZ have recently scheduled a Thanksgiving tournament, and I thought it would be quite fun, here is the information:

First off, a couple of weeks ago I posted about the World War For Fun but I want to change into a fun thing,instead ”In Honor of Veterans” we should do an ”Honor of Thanksgiving!” The Armies will be in a group,2 groups ”Pilgrims and Native Americans” and both groups will be fighting each other.Also , Each Group will have an uniform,for example if ACP are native americans then they have to wear as a native american.The uniforms are below.

Native American Uniform:


Pilgrims Uniform:


Here are the teams:

Pilgrim Team:

  • Ice Warriors(ACCEPTED)(Team Captain)
  • Nachos
  • Watex Warriors
  • Underground Mafias Army
  • Hot Sauce Army(ACCEPTED)
  • Black Panthers
  • Any Army that wants to be in this team…



Pilgrim Team:

  • Army Of Club Penguin(ACCEPTED)(Team Captain)
  • Golden Warriors(ACCEPTED)
  • Impossible Mission Army Force
  • Tacos
  • Black Bandits(ACCEPTED)
  • Club Penguin Sun Troopers
  • Any Army that wants to be in this team…


  • No Bots
  • Don’t say ”WE WON!!!” because that’s kinda noobish,the decision will be made from CPAZ.
  • Be Honest
  • Betrayal is allowed.
  • No Cheating
  • Have Fun!


Saw(Feephill)and Chris(SmSm3)


Server: Outback

Room: All Over

When: November 28th

Time: 4:00 pm PST , 5:00 pm MST , 6:00 pm CST , 7:00 pm EST


Can’t see your Army’s position? Please enlarge the picture by clicking it


  • Green: Army of Club Penguin
  • Light Blue: Ice Warriors
  • Purple: Tacos
  • Orange: Watex Warriors
  • Light Orange: Nachos
  • Gold: Golden Warriors
  • Red and Black: Underground Mafias Army
  • Red: Hot Sauce Army
  • Aqua and Red: Impossible Mission Army Force
  • Black: Black Bandits and the other Armies…

If you want to be in this event please post this on your site! Thanks for your cooperation! We hope this Event will be a blast!

See you at the Event Club Penguin Armies!

So what do you think? This isn’t a really a UK event, but come if you can!



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