UPDATE: While this post is about the 5 leaders being equal, we would be nothing without our soldiers. Our recruits is what makes up this army and I would like to thank each and every one of you for being a large part in the Golden Warriors



“Equal”, a strong word that has been used all over history. Now we need to use it in the Golden Warriors. Each and every soldier is equal and no leaders have a favorite. But the soldiers and the rest of the people may not seen it the other way around. Who do you consider more important? Saiyaman, Riotors, Flipper, Swimmy, or Zelmania? The answer is all of them. The Golden Warriors could not have been this succesful without any of the people listed above.

Saiyaman Xc

Lead the Ghost warriors and suggested the merge between the 3 armies (CPSS, GW, CPF). He is now the person that leads almost every event in GW due to his good tactics. He usually handles wars with other armies but the other leaders also do it. Respected by all the soldiers. One thing that holds him back is his laziness in posting.


Creator and Leader of the CPSS. Really cares about the army and puts dedication into his work. He does most of the posting about events and keeps the site up to date. Leads if I am absent in an event. Respected in many armies and army leaders. Makes good alliances and is a hard worker.


Also a leader of the Ghost Warriors that kept the army alive. He helped set up the merge with Zelmania and Riotors. He is now one of the most respected leader by the UK soldiers. He keeps the ranks up to date and all of our UK soldiers active on chat and CP. Our size wouldn’t be that big without him.


Creator and Leader of the CPF. Without the army our size wouldn’t be big. He was really active during the summer. But got inactive due to his parents taking away his computer. He is a kind leader and GW wouldn’t have existed without him. He was the one who suggested the new name “Golden Warriors”.


A legend in CPSS. Every soldier looked up to swimmy in CPSS. When we merged we decided that he deserved a spot at leader since people looked up to him. He later became inactive due to school but is still a leader that should be treated equally.

Even though you may think Saiyaman, Riotors, or Flipper are main Leaders because they are the most active, but they are not. There are 5 leaders and all of those 5 are equal in leadership and should be respected equally. This goes to everyone in CP armies. Don’t get fooled on who is the main leader of GW because WE DO NOT HAVE A MAIN LEADER.



There was recently 2 epic backgrounds that were made for GW chat. We could not decide on chat so we are now deciding to put up. Click the links below to view the background and then vote

Background 1

Background 2

<a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/2304285″>Take Our Poll</a>
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