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Rio’s Edit: actually we have unscheduled recruiting sessions almost every day….

;as you no HSA is growing rapididly we cannot let them grow to big we might need to invade or do something, we just cant let them grow too big, or we will be stuck in 5th and 6th largest, and plus we need to recruit more, i say at least one a week/ 2 weeks we need to get known on CP more, Look at ACP they have n00bs running all over Mammoth, im not saying we want n00bs in our army but we need to get more recruiting in.  (Dont forget Promos Rio) (danny gets a promo i say)

if you agree/accpet what im saying  with me sign your name under mine



~Cold Pizza LOL JK

~Riotors (part way) Read my edit above post.

~Swimmy Blue~



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