Gw vs Iw Practice Battle Results/promos?

Flipper: Today we had an unscheduled recruiting/training session, with some pretty good results:

Full chat.

Riotors Edit: Flipper please add ATM 23, Sclooperis, Blackmj2, and Pen Roy to the ranks.

Well we did great against IW, but we ran into many many problems. First we spent almost 30 minutes trying to find a server, then cp kept glitching and at one point it showed about 16 GW on sarimsoccers screen and only 4 on mine. Everytime we would move cp would glitch and delete some people off our screens. It was wierd. But anyways if Cp had not glitched I still think that IW would have won since they still outnumbered us. Congrats Ice Warriors! But great job guys. Here are the only non-glitched pictures I could get.

I emailed Club Penguin about the glitching so I will tell you more later.

We showed good amounts at the battle and if it wasn’t for Club Penguin glitching this would have been a great battle. We may be rescheduling it later so Saiyaman will have more details on that.




Promotions are soon and I (riotors) will be doing them. Well there will be alot more promotions than demotions since all our active soldiers and we only have a couple inactive.

We want to know now if you think that you deserve a promotion? Fill in the form.

Your club penguin name:

Your rank in gw:

Are you active on chat:

Do you deserve a promo and why:

This will help us on promotion day coming either Monday or Tuesday. If you do not get promoted this time and are active then probably by next month you will be promoted.



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