Defence of Halfpipe// Helping an ally


Well IW is invading halfpipe our best recruiting server. All of halfpipe alliance will help. Sorry for such late notice.

Defence of Halfpipe

Where: Halfpipe Town/ Freezer Town

Who – Halfpipe Union vs. IW (Some short notice, I don’t think it was really 24 hours)

When: Thurseday, December 3rd

Time – 3:00pm pst/6:00pm est

Be on GW chat for the invasion, both WW and GW will be orange for the invasion so why not team up. Vic and a GW leader will be leading the battle.


IMAF Is going to war with UMA because they took Ice Palace not because of Pink.

Invasion of Ice Palace

When – This Sunday

Where – Ice Palace

Who – WW, GW, HSA, and IMAF

Why – It’s above.

Time – 4:00pm pst/7:00pm est

IMAF asked us to help them and we agreed to make an alliance with them. They need help to get back their capital. I don’t see why ACP and Nachos should help. We aren’t against them for pink. We are allies with UMA and will not invade them for that. We are here to help IMAF to get their capital back. What would you do if you lost your captital?



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