Why GW is a great army

O.k. as you all know is that GW started out with 3 armies merging into one. But now im gonna tell you a lot of facts that not that many people know about GW and why they are truely rising, as in did you know that when the 3 armies merged the site only had 17,000 views! Now look at the views. We have over 40,000 views. Other major armies thought that GW was NEVER gonna get through our merge, and they thought we we’re crazy about having 5 (EQUAL) leaders. I mean look at us now, we have an unsceduled (spelt wrong XD) recruitment sessions at least every day (it is true). At the start of November we about 70 active troops, now we have around 87, 89 (one of the reason’s is because of my first recruitment session =D). Also look at out pics on the pics page. We have been great since the start, but no one updated it ever since like a month ago. yeah, yeah, yeah. But i mean Look at the size of us in this picture

i counted that and it is 126 ppl

O= wow. well your probably thinking that’s an edit, And your right! but arnt i good at editing (lol) ok but really look at our progress, the statement “The Rise Of The Golden Warrios” is a Fact. the GW have always, and Will always be rising. As you also know GW has a lot of U.K. soldiers that cannot make it to all the events sceduled by other armies or news sites, But we have great amounts of soldiers at GW planned events. But what i’m Trying to get to is this. The GW soldiers in U.K. Try there hardest to be loyal to us. for example, i Know some U.K. soldiers who have stuff (pB’s,recruiting, battles, ect.) for 12 p.m.  and STILL come to the events. They try there hardest to come to everything that they can. I beleive the soldiers efforts in an army is what Really matters, And that is the kind of soldiers GW has. before you go look at these pic’s of GW ( i dk why)

a line by GW

~juneau2 (the great)~


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