A successful raid! Lots of fun!

Riotors Edit: BB now joined the OA along with Mfw. More medium armies may join.

The Orange Alliance recently raided Iw’s server Thermal mainly for fun. I think that it was successful :P. I wish I was there. Here is the average count of soldiers throughout the battle/raid of Thermal.


Iw & Uma=10-15

The following pictures are from Cpa Central.

At the beginning of the battle the orange alliance (who were red during this battle) averaged around 22 soldiers. Remember to count the tacos in the sombreros. Iw averaged around 10 with 4 Uma. Including Dj who fought with uma instead of gw….

Here a group of about 30 of us take on about 10 Iw and 4 Uma.

We hold our line and perform mad faces.

We perform some awesome Joke bombs!!!!!!!!

Finally we make a massive toot emote of about 15.



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