The War’s end! The story!

Riotors Edit: Thank you Icey, this was alot of fun! Also I do not think Icey is power hungry like some people say he is. But anyways thanks again and thanks to all gw who came!

Well Icey has pulled Iw out of the war! Uma pulled out earlier today. The War is now over. Check the bottom of this post to read the news of the battles that happened in this war.

Here is the post from the Ice Warriors site.

Well, its official. Were going to be officialiy pulling out of the war. This war wasnt a smart idea to begin with. I dont want to go into many details about it, but here it goes.

At first, it was just a simple invasion of 2 servers. Then, it became a war with many armies. After that, the OA invaded Ice Palace, UMA’s server. Thats when it all came down to a full blown war. IW helped out UMA defend Ice Palace, which we lost. Luckily, OA gave back Ice Palace to UMA.

Heres the part where to many people thought I was power hungry. When I planned the Invasion of the servers, it was for strategy. We knew that the OA had a lot of people in Pacific time, which would make it easy for us to invade their servers so we could have time to recruit. Obviously we didnt invade early enough, and we lost.

To the people who think im power hungry: To me, I doubt CP armies will last without having wars. If an army invades a few servers, it dosnt mean the army is power hungry.

Now, I heard the OA are gonna be jerks and decide to kick me out of power in IW. All I can ask is Why? Are you actualy trying to have CP armies die? Seriously, your going to be putting the presure on yourselves.

If the OA invades our servers we WILL protect them. But to me, thats being kinda noobish to invade the armies servers that just pulled out of the war.

To all IW: Im not going to let OA take me out of command so that we can fall, and Im sorry that I put IW in this spot where we could get our servers invaded.

To OA: Sorry for causing this.

To everyone else: This war should have never happened. Im sorry.

War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

First off though, we are not trying to take Icey out of command that I know of. Also we WILL NOT be invading Iw’s servers anymore since they have pulled out. We have decided to keep the Orange alliance in case of another war!

!Here is the war’s battle details!


If you did not already know about the war, it all started I think when Iw invaded halfpipe. We have defeated them during this battle, but I do not have pictures.

The next battle was when we helped Imaf invade the server Ice Palace from Uma and Iw helped them along with Nachos. I am not 100% sure but I think this picture was from this battle.

After that OA decided to raid Iw’s server. We were Red during this battle though. In the following pictures we average between 30-40. This was unscheduled.

Next Iw decided to invade our servers Halfpipe and Snowplow and again lost terribly. They tried to make the times early so we wouldn’t be able to come, obviously they were wrong.





Thank You Gw for coming to these battles. We won the 4 battles that went on and I am so proud of you. Iw has officially dropped out of this war. Was Iw bad in this war? No they were not. They actually put up a pretty good fight.

I know this sounds wierd, but I would like to thank Icey for starting the war. It was alot of fun and I think it was a great thing for Gw. So thank you icey and the ice warriors!

We will be having some surprise events coming soon so stay tuned!

~**~Rise of the Golden Warriors~**~


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