I am sick of this/edit to view


o.k. as you all know, i am Quiting ACP, but what you dont know is why. when i made the post “why GW is a great army” i was trying to get the word out that ACP doesnt give a ???? about our efforts and ya. (i still mean what i said) but that is wat happened to me. I got banned forever because of this —> i was joking to cort about her status (which was “i need a kiss”) and i was like so u need a kiss, and she said STFU to me i was like WTF, i got banned (forever) after i (didnt even) swore. now im banned forever. and that is why i was thinking about taking ACP out of power. We could Use OA (i dk if a MAIN leader diagree’s you can delete this) and other major armies. We could invade breeze with about 3 or 4 soldiers, and when 7,8 minutes comes by we will come in and attack. so what do you think?


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