Below Zero, The story of Blasti, a warning to Zel

Riotors Edit: Dan91123 is back from his vacation. Welcome back Dan!

There was 3 new english servers added and Flipper was the first person to claim one, below zero. We were going to invade it, but I noticed that the Ice Warriors were going to invade it too. Maybe we can come to an agreement with Iw to share the server. Anyways here’s a picture of flipper claiming the server. *note* we did not invade it yet, we will try to share it with iw if they accept.


Now I am sure that you all know our former co-leader blasti, he was demoted to 3IC about a month ago and still is not active. I like blasti, but we need active 3IC’s. I have talked to many leaders and soldiers and they all agree blasti does not deserve that rank if he is going to be super inactive. So we decided to demote him to top mod. We have had a couple promotions to fill his spot.

General of the Army (Leaders):

Riotors***** Zelmania***** Saiyaman Xc***** Flipper*****SwimmyBlue******

——–—–———————————Main Owner Line—————————————–——


Smiley8years, Juneau2

Co-Leader Under Test:

Wiggle Nn

3rd In Command

Panthers bas*****, Yodasoda78, Zipper 1009, Sparky

These are not yet official but only a thought. I will need 3 out of 5 leaders agree. Since Zelmania is blasti’s brother, he will probably vote against it.

*NOTE* Somebody moved blasti back up to 2IC. This is not your job, only Flipper can edit ranks and Riotors will do it or Saiyaman when flipper is on vacation.

Zelmania is not active either. Read about it below.


Yes we have 5 leaders, but that does not mean leaders cannot be active. Riotors, Saiyaman, and Flipper are leaders that are REALLY active and swimmy is active too. I NEVER see zelmania though or his brother blasti. Here is a WARNING to zelmania. If you do not get active, you may be demoted if 2 leaders and 3 other owners agree. This is only a warning.

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