Active Contest!

Quick edit: if you comment on this post i’m giving you a freeby for commenting on this post

Ok, this contest as you can see is to see who is our most active soldiers. There will be 3 winners, (If you are 3IC+ you won’t get a promo sorry), the VIP page is currently under construction.

  1. The first place winner will get a promo, and VIP page access AND 10 gold coins.
  2. The second place winner will get a promo and 5 gold coins.
  3. And finally the third place winner  will get access to the VIP page.

How To Win: Comment as Much as you can (please don’t spam though or just say random stuff) about the subject of the post and ya. (if you only comment once but on every post you can, that will count) and by going to as Many PB’s, recruitment session’s, invasions, ect. even parties =D.

We will (the leaders) have a table with your penguin name on it if you wanna be entered and will keep track of who come’s to what events.

*Comment on this post with your name and rank if you would like to be part of this. The contest will officially start as soon as you comment so be fast. It will end after about a month*

~GW staff~


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