Cya Around GW!

Well as most of you know I’m a GW Ultimate General. I was not what you would call a very active soldier considering how busy I am. I did my best to go to a few events but first I want to thank a few people.

Rio-A very good leader and a good friend

Sai-I’ve known you longer then most leaders and you are a good friend, cya on HSA chat

Pizza-Out of all GW you were definitely my closest friend, as many of you Pizza was Leader of the Year 2009 and one of the best leaders i ever knew

There might be a few other people who I forgot but I want to thank all GW from Wiggles to Sai to Pizza. I know GW is strong and will one day be a powerful army. I will go on chat from time to time other that cya around.

Former GW Ultimate General Albaro Lord

PS GW is attending my tourney this Saturday make sure either sai or rio get words to me if GW has to cancel.


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