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Cya Around GW!

Well as most of you know I’m a GW Ultimate General. I was not what you would call a very active soldier considering how busy I am. I did my best to go to a few events but first I want to thank a few people.

Rio-A very good leader and a good friend

Sai-I’ve known you longer then most leaders and you are a good friend, cya on HSA chat

Pizza-Out of all GW you were definitely my closest friend, as many of you Pizza was Leader of the Year 2009 and one of the best leaders i ever knew

There might be a few other people who I forgot but I want to thank all GW from Wiggles to Sai to Pizza. I know GW is strong and will one day be a powerful army. I will go on chat from time to time other that cya around.

Former GW Ultimate General Albaro Lord

PS GW is attending my tourney this Saturday http://www.cparmyhalloffame.webs.com make sure either sai or rio get words to me if GW has to cancel.


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