The Results…what happened to blasti and zel?

Sai edit- Orange alliance is back and ready for war. Try to be on chat at all times for raids. PC me on chat for more details.

*NOTE* Due to the ranks not being updated since last promo day, i had to hand put in all the promotions from the last promo day and so I had to rewrite this post.

Many of you have been wondering what has happened to Zelmania and Blasti. I put up polls and the army voted and they are getting demoted for there inactiveness. Is this bad? No, all it means is that we will have more active owner ranks and more active leaders. Also Swimmyblue has been busy with packing up to move so he has not been very active, but he is back and is active again. All 4 of our leaders are active along with the future 5th leader. Here are the ranks so far!

Red = demotion

Blue = no change

General of the Army (Leaders):

Riotors***** Saiyaman Xc***** Flipper*****SwimmyBlue*****

——–—–———————————Main Owner Line—————————————–——


Smiley8years, Juneau2, Zelmania

Co-Leader Under Test:

Wiggle Nn

3rd In Command

Panthers bas, Yodasoda78, Zipper 1009

—–—–—————————————–Owner Line—————————————–—–—–

Head Commander (4ic):

Deet007, Pointy366, Maxthepen (I think retired), Blazeboy136(GPH136), J55559,  Sparky, Ogda900, Saw (ambrosha), mo mo 1357, Blasti

The 4 leaders are going to be talking and agree on the new leader of the Golden Warriors. Flipper and I each have 1 person in mind.


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