Domination Today & recruiting/helping an ally tomorrow

Sai edit- I also recorded a video on the battle. Its 30 minutes long and low quality so it sucks lol. You can still watch it if u want to see us own in the invasion. Here is the link-

Edit: Kieran is an sw 3IC and made a smart decision to fight for us instead of them. I personally think Kieran, along with many other gw soldiers, deserves a promo on promotion day. Also the Sw are thinking about demoting Kieran now and invading one of his/her armies (water warriors) server.

If sw demotes Kieran for fighting for the better army, we may need to take another sw server and donate it to another army who needs it. If Sw invades our allies the Water Warriors (kierans army) Gw will help.

Well as you know, we invaded Matterhorn. We didn’t just invade, we DOMINATED epically! Now before the battle I told Sw’s leader that even if we won we would share the server with them. Guess what? We arent! The server is entirely gw and romans. Why aren’t we sharing it anymore? Sw tried to report me and many other gw on club penguin. I don’t know what for. Also the Snow Warriors used bots. Here is the best picture we can get of it, 3 of them were bots is what rebel says.

Anyways now onto the epicness of the battle! The part where Gw kicked butt!!!!

Our chat!

Our chat, pic. #2

Recruiting 10 minutes before

Joke bombs!

We continue to joke! Epicness!

They try to break our line with igloos and we backfire with war faces

We joke & heart their line

We make a war line in the ice rink
We end with a Golden Warriors forever!

Here are our averages throughout this battle:

Gw: averaged 20-30

Romans: averaged 3-5

Sw: averaged 3-6 (3 which were bots)

!!!Don’t Forget About Our 2 Events Tomorrow!!!

Christmas Eve Recruiting Session

When: Thursday, Dec. 24th

Where: Halfpipe, start at town

Time: 12:00 (noon) pst, 1:00pm mst, 2:00pm cst, 3:00pm est, 8:00pm uk

Who: Gw and whoever else, make sure to be in gw uniform though.

Why: For fun and to gain new troops for Gw!

Chat: Gw chat. Click here.

!2 Gold Coins if you come!



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