Deet007’s retirement, sort of.

Deet007’s retirement

Yo wassup ppl, I’m Deet007, I’ll try to make this short, cuz I don’t have much time. But exactly 6 months ago from today, I joined this army called the CPSS, and thats where this whole mess started (jk)

Ok, so I was like your normal no0b penguin on cp. Until dis one day where I saw a whole bunch of pplz (3 to be excact) in orange and black clothes, they said *JOIN CPSS* and stuff. So I walked or waddled or whatever on, until I saw those same 3 ppl. So I searched CPSS of club penguin, and this website came up. I joined, and got the rank of Brigader General. I rose through the ranks, and even was an owna at a time, until I got demoted somehow. I was working hard to get to an owna again. But han, IT happened. You can read IT here afta. But I was in a bad car crash, I was ok, but my parents weren’t. They can’t work now, so its hard to pay bills. And I can’t get on the computer much. Thats why I’m semi-retiring, I’ll try to be on chat as much as possible. But I’ll be back ful-force in a few months or so. So save meh spot Rio plz. And now to the thanks, and the Video.

The last words of Deet007-It’s been one hell of a ride!

Meh homiez 😄

Aaddog-See ya at school 2morrow 😄

Greeniedude08-I give CCPA to you for now *gives keys to a ferrari* aw crap wrong ones give em back 😄

Riotors-U showed meh around CPSS at the time, thz for bein a kick butt leader.

Cold Pizza-Awesome vids bro, hope to see ya around YouTube.

Dan91123-I kno that guy 😄 Awesome friend

Saiyaman Xc- It took me 3 months to get yr name spelled right 😄

The soldiers of GW-Without you all GW would be is Rio. (think about it)

Monster47535-Anotha one of my homiez right here

And everyone else. It was awesome just being in this army. If the armies ranked by coolness instead of soldiers. We’d be 1st and then some! So, I guess dats it. Peace out for the last time meh homiez.

~Deet007’s first and last post


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