Cpac results/50,000 hits/invasion

Riotors Edit: Ok Sai. Also we are the 4th largest army. Our V.I.P site is almost done. Also I may be a bit inactive for about a week or two but will get on as much as possible.

Sai edit- Those polls always get rigged so ill make the poll from another site. Trust me it happens every single time.

Riotors Edit: Make sure you vote for the 3IC elections. Click this link.

“From Cpa Central (my edits are in red above the pics)”

Battle 3 – IW vs GW:

The IW vs GW battle was definitely one of the largest battles we had. Both armies were very close in size. The IW had their usual massive size, however the GW took a giant leap from their battles and simply were massive too.

The IW and GW start on separate sides: (10 minutes before the battle, everybody is trying to get in)

They charge against each other multiple times: (we pwned here)

IW forms a line across the chat bar, while GW forms a line through the room: (our line had 30 while iw’s had 25)

Both armies had a massive size and performed very good tactics throughout the battle and they were quite even in terms of them. While GW was one of the largest armies in all of the Tourney today, IW’s size was simply larger the entire time.

The winner of Battle 3 is:


Congrats to both armies! You both fought very well!

Even though we lost, we did great. We were tied with the 2nd largest army for the majority of the battle and were even ahead of them at times. I do not care that we lost, I am just happy that we proved ourselves to be capable of the top 3.

Also we recieved 50,000 hits. Read about it below.



😮 !50,000 Hits! 😮

Well we have recieved 50,000 hits. We were not going to throw a party, but since gw have been averaging around 30 a battle here lately, I decided we deserve it.

When: (date not yet set)

Where: Sabertooth, all over.

Times: 12:00pm (noon) PST, 1:00pm MST, 2:00pm CST, 3:00pm EST, 8:00pm UK

We do not have a date set quite yet. We will be discussing this to find a day that works.



!!!A Great Invasion!!!

As EVERYBODY knows, we need more wars on Club penguin. More wars mean more fun. Acp recently invaded Mammoth which will help with having more wars, but I came up with another decision to help with wars. Acp and Iw have made the server Outback nuetral awhile ago. If we invade outback and share it with only 1 of our larger allies then this may help club penguin to get more wars. How? Well Gw and 1 larger allie owns a server that used to be nuetral. Another army will want to invade it and since we will have 1 larger allie helping us they will get more allies to help them fight and if the sides get uneven we will get more allies to help us fight which will cause 2 large sides in the battle. It Will Cause a Club Penguin WAR!!!!!

Invasion of Outback

When: Friday, Jan. 1st.

Where: Outback, start at town

Times: 12:00pm (noon) PST, 1:00pm MST, 2:00pm CST, 3:00pm EST, 8:00pm UK

Chat: Gw chat, Click here!

This will also help the Golden Warriors be more known so make sure you come. Lets bring back the good times in the Club Penguin Wars.

Also the 3IC elections are finally out. Here is a link.


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