Invasion of Outback, Defence of Klondike (canceled), Invasion of Snow Flake

RIOTORS 2nd EDIT: Sai or Flipper, whoever reset the chat please email the password to me at

Riotors Edit: We are the number 4 army right now. Lets try to make the number 3 by next week.

We have alot of events coming up so I hope alot of the Golden Warriors will be there. We need to show up in major amounts and stay in major amounts throughout the whole battle. We have each of these split up into sections. The Invasion of Outback, Defence of Klondike, & the Invasion of Snow Flake.


Invasion Of Outback

As EVERYBODY knows, we need more wars on Club penguin. More wars mean more fun. Acp recently invaded Mammoth which will help with having more wars, but I came up with another decision to help with wars. Acp and Iw have made the server Outback nuetral awhile ago. If we invade outback and share it with only 1 of our larger allies then this may help club penguin to get more wars. How? Well Gw and 1 larger allie owns a server that used to be nuetral. Another army will want to invade it and since we will have 1 larger allie helping us they will get more allies to help them fight and if the sides get uneven we will get more allies to help us fight which will cause 2 large sides in the battle. It Will Cause a Club Penguin WAR!!!!!

When: Friday, Jan. 1st.

Where: Outback, start at town

Times: 12:00pm (noon) PST, 1:00pm MST, 2:00pm CST, 3:00pm EST, 8:00pm UK

Chat: Gw chat, Click here!

This will also help the Golden Warriors be more known so make sure you come. Lets bring back the good times in the Club Penguin Wars.



Defence of Klondike (CANCELED)

Well our allies might not know we own this server, but both Hsa and Ww are invading Klondike which we share with Acp. They are invading both Klondike and Breeze, but we will only help defend Klondike since we share it and have shared it with Acp since the day they almost dropped it.

When – Saturday, Janurary 2nd

Where – Klondike Town

Time – 4:30pm pst, 5:30pm mst, 6:30pm cst, 7:30pm est,  12:30am uk

Who – Hsa & Ww vs. Acp & Gw

Maybe if our allies know we own the server too, they may not invade it. If they do, I think we should help Acp defend since they were the ones who was kind enough to let us share it with them in the first place.



Invasion of Snow Flake

We will be invading Snow Flake soon, Sunday to be exact. Why? Because no major army owns this server. What are we going to do with the server? We will make it like an embassy kind of. All armies will be allowed on the server for Recruiting and Training only. It will be a nice, safe way to recruit/train for a armies. If any battle take place instead of recruiting or training we may limit the armies allowed on the server.

When: Sunday, Dec. 3rd

Where: Snowflake, start at town

Times: 1:00pm Pst, 2:00pm Mst, 3:00pm Cst, 4:00pm Est, 9:00pm Uk


We need to know which events you can go to.

Comment with your penguin name along with the number 1, 2, 3, or 4.

  • #1 – you can make the invasion of outback
  • #2 – you can make the defence of klondike
  • #3 – you can make the invasion of snowflake
  • #4 – you can make all of the above



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