Top 10 from Cpac

Check out the top 10 for this week. It may be a bit surprising. This post is from Cpa Central.

  • ACP: The ACP were truly massive in this Tourney. They fought their way against the HSA in the first battle with a massive size and completely beat them, even though the HSA was quite large. Next, they fought the Nachos with a massive turnout again (although not quite as large as their battle against the HSA), which ended up being a tie. Finally, they fought the IW and Nachos in the finals and beat them with an amazing 100+ troops the entire time, along with over 100+ on their chat.
  • IW: The IW were also massive in this Tourney, simply once again proving how large they are. They fought the GW on Day 1, with a massive turnout, beating them by a couple of soldiers. Next, they fought the IMAF and basically destroyed them as they once again had a massive turnout. Finally, they fought the ACP and Nachos in finals, and after losing to the ACP, they fought the Nachos in a smaller side battle, barely beating them.
  • Nachos: The Nachos were simply the largest they’ve been in a long time at this Tourney, and they could be above the IW, except that they were a tiny bit behind them in their side battle today and that they had a much smaller turnout than them on Day 1. On Day 1, they fought the CPC, who didn’t end up coming, so they won by forfeit. Next, they fought the ACP and somehow had a huge turnout, the largest they’ve had in a long time. It ended up being a tie since they were so huge. Finally, they fought the ACP and IW in the finals today, and lost to the ACP, along with barely losing to the IW. This is just proving that the Nachos are truly back and we’ll most likely be seeing more from them!
  • GW: The GW had a huge turnout at the Tourney. They went from being the army that’s really huge compared to how new it is, to the massive army that’s almost a World Power. They fought the IW in their first battle and came with a huge turnout, although only a little bit smaller than the IW’s massive size. They didn’t continue anymore in the Tourney, but that one battle proved how huge they can be.
  • HSA: The HSA were very similar to the GW in this Tourney, and only a little bit behind them in terms of size. They fought the ACP in Day 1 and, even though they lost to them, they still had a huge turnout, just not big enough for the massive size of the ACP. That battle proved that they are still one of the largest armies in Club Penguin, after rising out of almost nowhere.
  • IMAF
  • WW
  • FW
  • UMA
  • Tacos
  • We are looking great. I am thinking that by the next couple weeks Nachos will end up the number 2 army and Gw will end up number 3 leaving either Hsa or Iw as number 4.


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