Retirement of Smiley8years

Yes i think it’s time to retire…. most of u prob dnt care. but here it is –

When I joined Club Penguin I was a normal penguin just going about my biz. Then sometime at the start of the summer in 2009 I saw someone in the dance place saying ‘Join Army of Club Penguin’ so i went up to him and said ‘How do I join?’ And he said ‘Wear what I’m wearing’ and you get the rest. But later that day (about 20 minuets after) I searched on Google ‘Army of Club Penguin’ and so I found that site and joined. Then and week later I made my own army ‘CP GhostBusters’ and I got a ally request from Riotors and he said if I wanted to join CPSS I could. So I did and I got a pretty good member rank but later on I got a low mod rank. Then I went joining other armies. And one day a army that I was 2ic in (Rebel Penguin Force) merged into CPSS so then I became a Merged Head Commander. After that some armies merged into CPSS and then formed Golden Warriors. Then I merged CPGB into my other army CP Bounty Hunters. Then in GW I got demoted down to a mod rank then back up again. Then CPBH got hacked and got deleted. And so did my other army CPRM. So then i got promoed 2 2ic a while ago and i like never going to battles. i was only active on chat. so now i think if i cant be active and go 2 pbs i dnt deserve the spot as 2ic. So yh…………………..

I’m retireing for a couple of things – 1. I’m not active 2. I want to break my addicton of the comp 3. I want to get a life and do something (you should try it some time) 4. Im getting to old for this stuff 5. i now think CP is gay (srry) 6. im now addicted to mw2. (my gamertag is: Shablam3000) so yh………………….

Here is my thxs thing –

Riotors – One of my first CP army friends! THXS!

Cold Pizza – like THE best friend!!!!!!

Flipper –  funny!! 😄 dnt forget Elephantshit!! 😄

Sai – awesome friend!

Yoda – Great friend but i dnt see u tht much anymore 😦

Wiggzzzzzzz – Great friend!! 😀

Matt – awesome friend even tht we ot in a couple of fights ur still awesome!

Swimmy – 😀 great leader!

Zel – great friend and i wish u could get on more

Deet – GREAT FRIEND hope ur parents get better

Blaze – :DDDDD always a good friend!

Pirate Cody – GREAT FRIEND wish i could see u more!

Sparky – :DDDDDDDD great at being awesome 😄

Saw – u never did add me 2 CPAZ :/ 😄

The rest of meh good friends – Srry i forgot u 😄

And everyone in GW – Hope u gett higher up in the ranks!

So yh!



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