Contest/Weekly events

Hi peoples!

This is Foley, GW 4IC, future 3IC. Just telling that we have a contest for whoever gets 7 active troops to join…there shall be a prize:

1 month membership!!

Absolutely free πŸ™‚ Just get 7 active troops in less than 5 months and have them stay active and you win the code for a 1 month membership card unused for free!

Now it’s time for zeh upcoming events!!!


When: Sunday Jan 17th

Where: Ice age and Snowfall stay on CHAT for orders.

Times: 11AM PST, 12PM MST, 1PM CST, 2PM EST,  7PM UK.



When: Saturday Jan. 16th

Where: Klondike, Snowforts

Times: 10:00am PST, 11:00am MST, 12:00pm CST, 1:00pm EST, 6:00pm UK * Note this is a more UK friendly event, but Its scheduled on a weekend so I hope american/ Non americans can still come. *

Some information about tactics, by Riotors:

1) Lines

Lines are an easy thing to do on Club penguin. All you do is click below the bottom penguin, or beside the penguin on the end of the line. Make sure you make the line spread out and do not clump together.

Double lines: When we say double lines, that means to make 2 lines. We will start the two lines with two leaders at the top of the line and say, β€œline underneith ___ & ___.”

Double line trap: This is another version of the double lines. The only difference is that the two lines will be on the exits of the room, trapping the army on the inside.

Golden Wall: One of the Golden Warriors signature move. While making a line press EM to do the Golden Coin emotion. This is very affective.

Holding a line: When an army tries to break our lines, we will hold the line and break their charge by doing either an emotion, message, or jokes while holding our line.

Using emotions, jokes, and messages in the line: When holding a line and want to either show your size or stop a charge you will use emotions, jokes, or messages. Look lower on this post to read about those.

2) Charges

Just like the lines, charges are easy to do also. All you do is when told to charge, you click on where you are charging and use the joke, message, or emotion given. Do not stand still, move around the target and keep doing the joke, message, or emotion over and over again.

Fake Charges: When told to fake charge you use the emotion, joke, or message given and click on the target you are charging. Only instead of charging right before you get there you click back where you were standing in line. This will make it look like a charge then you will re-group back to your line and make the opposing team look dumb.

Joke Charges: Also known as joke bombs, this is one of the most known tactics in Club Penguin armies. While you charge the target, you keep hitting the β€œJ” button on your keyboard to do jokes. This will make your army look large and surround the target in jokes.

Heart Walk: A type of charge that Gw uses alot. It’s one of our signature charges and all you do is charge and use the heart emote. E+H.

Emotion Bombs: This is the same thing as the heart walk, except with other emotions.

3) Signals

Everytime a command is given, it will be given on chat. There are usually some soldiers that pay attention to CP and not to the chat.

Telling the army to charge on cp: On club penguin, one of the leaders will say Charge coming up. This means that we will be charging soon. Just wait for the leader that says a charge is coming up to wave on club penguin. This will tell you to charge with whichever emote is given.

Telling the army to regroup on cp: After a charge has taken place one of the leaders will go away and wave. This means to regroup. Make sure you regroup in a line and not just bundled all together.

4) Messages

We will tell you every once in awhile to do a message. You will type in this message in your chat bar and wait for the count of 3 to hit enter and say the message.

Golden Warriors spam: When said to spam Golden Warriors, you just type in Golden Warriors over and over again and keep hitting enter.

Golden Warriors owns you: When said to say Golden Warriors owns you on 3, type it into your keyboard but DO NOT hit enter until said so.

We win: This one is common throughout the land of Club Penguin. After the battle we will say to type in We win and press enter on 3. We will count to three and then press enter. You will usually be told to logg off club penguin at this point.

5) Emotions

You will be responsible for doing many emotions on club penguin.

Golden Coin: To do this emotion press EM

You got pwned face: After we do something  great like covering the other army in a charge we will do this emotion. To do this emotion press E5

Epic Fail face: When an army fails at charging or breaking our line or just fails in general we will use this emotion. To do this emotion pressE8

War faces: To do this emotion press E9.

Heart emotion: Used alot on cp. To do this emotion press EH

Toot emotion: To use this emotion press ET

6) Logging off

It is important to logg off with a great last move. We will say one of the messages and EVERYBODY will logg off at the same time. If people do not logg off the other army may think that some soldiers gave up and may think they won. So when told to logg off, EVERYBODY logg off.

I just copied and pasted this from the post waaaay below, just making sure you saw it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



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