Many of our third in commands have retired and we need new ones. I have been testing a few mod ranks that I think have the potential of becoming a third in command. We use to have polls but almost most of them failed and ended up as a popularity contest. By testing them I can see if they are truly ready for third in command. They are not official 3ic’s yet, but are owners for now. I will be testing them by asking questions on situations as well as training them as a commander in CP. By the end of next week I will have the results and consult the leaders with my decision. I will explain them why they deserve 3ic and we will have a vote to approve our new 3ic in the owner ranks. I am not sure when we will vote since Rio is grounded but I will talk to flipper and Swimmy about my results of the testings. No I will not decide on my own and leaders do not think that I am deciding things on my own. I will tell you all about it and all of us will vote for the new 3ics.




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