Retirement of Riotors

Riotors edit: Im coming back after im ungrounded, save me a spot.

Hey  guys, yes I am retiring. I have been grounded and have bad grades so Ill continue to be grounded and while I’m grounded I cannot help the army out.

I do not want to retire, but I have no choice. I will still be on chat whenever I can and may come back after I am un-grounded. Please chose a good leader to take my position and make sure to keep the army active. Ill stay as an advisor right now until I come back, if I come back.

There are MANY people I want to thank but due to my mom giving me only 5 minutes on the computer I do not have time. I counted everybody and there are 539 people out of all the armies that I want to thank so the odds are that if you know me, you would have been on my list.

Remember, this is not the last you have seen of me. And since I am not grounded from my phone, I am still able to update my twitter page located at I would like you all to follow me on there. Stay smart, stay strong, stay golden.



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