Win// Temp Leaders

Well today we were suppose to invade Ice Age and Snowfall. We were battling IW until Luc PCed me to help WW defend tundra from ACP. Since they are part of OA we decided to help. Also we can just invade Ice Age and Snowfall another day. Here are some pics of us owning ACP. All they did was clover and chant ACP.

We start getting on Tundra and form a line.

We attack ACP and all they do is dance and clover

Good job helping WW today. I know we were suppose to invade, but helping an ally is more important and we can invade another day. GW was pretty small at first but grew in size when we got on tundra. You guys followed my orders well and were able to beat ACP on tundra. (lol we beat half of ACP)


Well since Rio temporarily retired I will be needing help on leading GW. The temp leaders will be editors and will not be main owners. This way i don’t have to reset chat. I have chosen two of our 2ics to be temp.

Wiggle Nn


These 2ics have been here since the begginfing of GW. Wiggle was the creator of UGA (a medium army to create GW) and has good expierence. Juneau is a loyal owner rank that is good at posting and keeping chat in order. Congrats on temp leader.




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