Retirement Of Ogda900

Flipper : Ogda,  I salute you.

Well how to put this? Here we go lol :

Most of you probably didnt know who i am, and have probably never heard of me, and i dont see why you should have, i never made it to leader of this army, but to those who do know me. i would like to announce my retirement from all Club Penguin armies. I started CP Armies back on the 2nd of january 2006 and have been committed since, that makes it exactly 4 years and 24 days that i have been involved, but like i said, im retiring. i have had alot of fun in that space of time, have met many people. many good friends and have seen alot, and had alot of good experiences. i would like to thank everyone who has been friends with me, who i have got to know and who i have enjoyed my time with, but here are a few thank you’s to the people i really got to know.

Flipper- You were a great friend of mine, we always had something to joke about and you were great fun, please, Dont ever forget about the LEMON CLUB and i wish you the best of luck leading GW and make me proud

Wiggle- Like flipper, you were one of my greatest friends on CP armies and i got to know you quite well soon, i want you to lead GW alongside Flipper, Sai and Rio one day, and please, never forget the KIC’ing days.

Supperz- One of my best ever friends to do with CP, a great role model and a good person to look up to, i respect the way you lead, but still dont understand why you dont server own :S

Sai- Although i may have not known you aswell as Flipper, Wiggle and Supperz, you were always good to be around and you were a good laugh, we had some fun

Cold Pizza- I know youve retired but we had some really good fun, alot of joking around and always finding a way to annoy someone. it was a laugh.

Brifcore- You were a good friend of mine, we may have not got along all the time, but still i had some fun with you. and i respect the way you lead. one day, you’ll make it big. i can feel it

O1O2- The same as brif really, although we got along well, i had some good laughs with you, and good luck in future CP

Well lol, i did say only the few who i got to know best. but i would like to thank every single one of you who i spoke to, even if i didnt get to know you that well. i respect you. and i respect your friendlyness, and wish you luck in CP, so im sat here in my lounge, writing this. and im telling you that. At 22:31 on Tuesday the 26th of January 2010, After 4 years and 24 days involved in CP armies, Ogda900 Has Officially Retired. I feel as i leave you, a small part of me will be lost, there will be something i will miss about the experiences and fun i have had with all of you, so this is me, Ogda900, saying Good-Bye to Club Penguin Warfare. and thank you to everyone who has made it good for me.

Good-Bye Everyone



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