How To Get Active


Well I know a way to get active again. We need to have at least 4 to 5 events a week. It will get our numbers better. Possibly updating out tactics. Next thing we need is a chat rally. If we get more than a full chat give everyone that attends “Coins”. And lastly, as much as you all hate it, but we need to try to set up a “Mass Recruitment”. We can possibly talk to CPA Central, and all armies can come and it will not just help GW, it will help armies that are falling like, HSA, FW, WW, and IMAF. It has worked in the past. Ice Warriors were a pretty small army, then within a week of Mass Recruitments they got to number 4 on the top ten. That is hard work at it’s finest. Personaly that is my idea. All editors/admins. If you adree leave an edit say if you do or not. Others jsut comment.

~Swimmy Blue( Blue Is My Edit Or Signing Color)



P.S. Could I be an author not contributor.


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