Not Agreed. ._.

Sorry I have been inactive for the last week. I have been getting a lot of projects and I have been really busy. During my spare time I would observe how GW was doing. Well chat was always empty and my 2ic’s and 3ic’s were not posting events and GW fell. Please do not trust in only the leaders to post. We have other owner ranks for a reason and we also made temps so we can keep GW active. Well from now on I will be on chat and schedule random recruiting and tactic sessions.

Okay now for promotions. I have been watching mods and there have been many inactivity going on. I demoted all inactive mods and made them members. I also have prmoted some people to 3ic. These are not permanent until I get approval from Flipper.

Blue= Promotion

Red= Demotion

Green= Warning

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