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Domain! And CSS!

Riotors: I am working on the css with Deet, this is my FIRST css to EVER work on so I will not be perfect. Please add this http://i663.photobucket.com/albums/uu352/cpssworld/button.png as the comment box background. Later I will add penguins onto the background. Your doing a great job so far.

I have made an image to go ontop where the links are. I will try to make the orange around it transparent later so you will not see the orange around it, but for now ill have to leave it.

Deet: Sai asked me to edit the CSS for you guys! So Im the CSS editor now! Im good, but not as good as Gwami and all them YET, so ya.

Swimmy: if you have CSS code plz tell me if you would like it up on this site so yea thx

Ok I Bought a Domain for GW!!! Its Now GWarmy.com and i bought the CSS upgrade thing for custom CSS so yes everybody thank me and your welcome



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