Official UN-retirement of Riotors. (Maybe Alighf too???)

Well guys, many of you know I am back, but not everybody. Like I said, I would come back to GW and I did. I am also coming back to brownies and romans but that is all. Gw will always be my #1 choice though and I hope you all believe the same.

The Golden Warriors mean alot to me and to most of you soldiers too. From the beginning of the merge, to the rising up in power, to the orange alliance, and to where we are now We were the Golden Warriors, We are the Golden Warriors, and We will stay the one and only Golden Warriors!

This is the Official Un-retirement of Riotors.

!I am glad to say I am back once again!


Alighf’s comeback? Maybe soon!

“You have grown in peace, you have hardened your skills, you have become stronger, you have make me proud.”



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