Shadow’s Meeting

Riotors: Wow guys, I came back and noticed we were ranked the 8th largest army while our hits have actually gone up. I think the only reason is because we have not had many events, so I am currently planning some. One army shall win, one shall lose, and the server we invade will be known as GW territory afterwards. We should be around the 3rd largest, not 8th. The only reason we are “8th” is because we weren’t on club penguin.

First In Command Owners Of Gold Warriors, I Need To speak with all of you at the same time to resolve some matters that have been buggin me for a long time. Please don’t think I am being disrespectful or abusing my position, Its just that the matters are UBER important. So:

WHAT?: Important Meeting

WHO?: ONLY First In Command People

WHEN?: Wednsday, February 10th, 2010, 5:3o pm EST( 4:30 pm CST, 3:30 pm MST, 2:30 pm PST, UK: ?)


WHY?: To Discuss Important Matters


P.s: There will be cookies =D

~Shadowhero99, The Legend, SACP Leader, GW Ultimate General, ACP Leutenant Colonel, CPF Enforcer Captain, OXII Chief Assassin, Head of FACP rebellion, Cheat Master, Retired SSCP Co-Leader, Nacho Private, Author Extrordonaire, and Cold’s Partner in Crime 😄


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