Mass Recruitment?

❗ Date and Times Not Official ❗

Hey Soldiers,

Well sinse I am the new 3rd in command in HSA and GW, I am going to schedule this crutial event to go to. This is a mass recruitment with the Hot Sauce Army. This is major for HSA and us. We are both falling, I mean on CPAC one week we are number 4 or 5 and now we are 8. What is up with that? I am tired of our lazyness of our army. So I scheduled this event. Here is the info…

Mass Recruitment(With HSA)

When: Monday, February 15th

Where: (Not Decided) 

Times: 1:00 pm (Hawaiian) 3:00 pm (PST), 4:00 pm (Central), 5:00 pm (Mountain), 6:00 pm (Eastern)

❗ Central and Mountain might be mixed up ❗

Chat: Golden Warriors awesome chat. Click here.

 Ok well this is to bring us back to the top where we belong. Hopefully this will bring us back!

!!!Lets bring back the Golden Age!!!




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