A Big Question?

Well GW has been rising a bit, there are people on chat at least but still im not satisfied. Like Rio said we should be number 5 or number 4.We are a powerful army and it is time to show CP we are. So i ave thought about this a lot and the only thing that will make us rise are… event, events, and more events. I mean really. I often see Foley on IMAF chat and Sai on some other chat and Matt to when all 3 of them could be on GW chat and we could have more then 5 people on at least. I try to spread my time between each army that I have so that i can give my best to all. When i rejoin GW i promised that i would fight with GW through good and bad times and yet i still am. GW has went from number 5 to number 8 and that is going to change. I will do anything in my power to change GW and make it strong again, well even stronger then before. So im proposing a owner meeting so we can all throw in opinions to help GW rise.

Times:4:15 PM EST, 1:15 PM PST, 2:15 PM CST 3:15 PM MST 9:15 PM UK(TELL ME IF I MIXED UP MST AND CST)

Date:Saturday February 20th

Where:Where do you think 😄

Why:Do talk about GW’s future and rise

Rise of the Golden Warriors!

Albaro Lord GW 3ic


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