Getting Back On Our Feet!

Flipper: Happy Valentines Day!

Sai please update the Ranks page!!!!

Well as many/almost all of you know, we have been slightly falling. But we WILL rise now. We were golden and slid down just a little to like a bronze color lol. But now its time to be Golden once again!!! We are the Golden Warriors, we will stay as the Golden Warriors, and we will be known as the one and only Golden Warriors.

We came up with a major solution to our problem.

Right at the moment, there are 7 armies ahead of us. 2 of which we won’t invade for sure due to close alliances. 2 others we might not. So that leaves us anywhere between 3 to 5 large armies to invade and show our size. We are currently planning our first invasion but we have to wait on something to happen before these invasions can take place.

We will have more information Monday and probably will have the invasions planned.

Whoever comes to the invasions WILL be rewarded. Whoever does not, will not be punished, but will not be rewarded either.


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