I’m Sorry GW

hey guys this is Juneau2.  As some of you know i have not been too active lately, I am VERY sorry for that.  i just want to warn you all i have a temper when it comes to people insulting me in any way. Recentely my army was invading a server (cold front, CP clones server where Albaro Lord is leader) and we won, albaro got mad and called me a, nevermind that.  I deleted Albaro from the ranks, I shouldn’t have I regret that. Now I am auther until my temper gets better. I hope you forgive me Albaro, Blaze, and all the GW.  I will try to  be more active, i’m sorry if I havn’t came to events, things came up in my life that made it hard to go.  I am just saying I will be a better Temp leader that i used to be.  To all those people I acted wrong upon, I am sorry, please forgive me.



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