Joining the war?

We will not be fighting against Nachos since they have not done anything to us, but Acp have also never helped us and claim us as allies? If your our ally we expect your help sometimes when we are having trouble. Now Gamer came on and left a comment saying,

Dear fellow army leaders, It has come the time to strike the Army of Club Penguin. They have been having issues with their leader ranks lately. The ACP has bossed around the armies below them for too long. I, as the Nacho Leader, ask you — our allies to assist us in this war. Every year, the annual war against ACP starts. This year, the Alliance can be triumphant. What do you say? Assist the victors in this war. Comment your response on Nacho Site ~Gamer, Nacho Leader

Now the real question is, do we help the nachos?

Positive effects to helping:

  • Acp will probably fall some
  • Gw will rise
  • We will make alot of close allies
  • We will have more events
  • We will be in a war

Negative effects:

  • We may lose one ally that has never helped us

I do not want to fight against acp, but I want what’s best for Gw and well, joining the war on the side of Nachos is best since Nachos are actually an army that would help us later and its better for Gw in every way.

Who’s the real bad guy? Acp or Nachos?

Many people think Nachos are the bad guy, but Im starting to disagree. The Acp just sit there and stay first place. They never help any “smaller” armies, or do anything for anybody except themselves. The Nachos on the other hand do help smaller armies in the top 10, and do not go to war for stupid reasons, and I think will actually make a better number 1 army than Acp.

The real choice is up to you.

Should we fight against acp and with nachos in this war?

Should we fight with Nachos?

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