Epic Win

Riotors Edit: We had an average of 24 soldiers there the majority of the time. We had 18 at the beginning (our least throughout the battle) and got up to 29 (our most throughout the battle). I wrote down the people that was on chat at the beginning of the battle and there were 20 soldiers, more came a little later so please tell us if your name is not on the list at the bottom of this post.

!!*!!*!!*!!If you have any other pictures link us in a comment!!*!!*!!*!!

Well everyone was thinking that we were dead, since we were not on CP for weeks. But guess what you guys are all wrong. After Riotor’s return we planned to invade ice palace for fun. It belonged to IMAF and they are ranked higher than us supposedly by CPAC. We wanted to prove them wrong and we did. I am proud of everyone. It was one of our best events yet.

Here are our pics- (not in order)

We beat IMAF but we will be giving ice palace back since its their only server. As you can see we only became inactive and have not fallen. I’m proud of every soldier that came. They will get a higher chance of being promoted.

Soldiers who came (according to chat, this is not all)

  • Riotors, Saiyaman Xc, Juneau 2, Albaro Lord, Goodbye5, Houndy66, Deet, Monster47345, A dawg4, Pirate Cody, Dan 91123, Dominatayu, 684 Spike, Aaddog, Shadow (the member ranked one), Danny 334566, Pablo124, Jerry, Tumble 123, Shredder 30, Shadowhero, & Kirk

There were some who were busy and came late. If you were one of the ones that came late comment here with you Club Penguin name and ill review to see if you were.




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