Foley’s Forever, Retirement.

Flipper: Foley contacted me before saying Dan was to take his position, we will make him 3ic and promote a different 3ic to the 2ic role. Sorry Dan but we can’t let you jump too many ranks :P. And finally, Foley, Goodbye and good luck with your model airplanes. I wish them all happy flying.

Hi everyone,

I know many of you think of me as inactive, but that is a lie. I am and have been really active, just really busy. And that being busy soon causes stress, causing bad decisions, and many worse stuff. But I, have reached such limit, and therefore I am retiring from all CP armies one by one. So I say goodbye to my fellow troops, and those who may think of me as an enemy.

Saiyawoma- I mean Saiyaman-You were a hell of a leader, you did good, even when you became a bit inactive that one week causing us to fall, we all still loved you as leader! I hope you do good with GW.

Wiggle-You were a real good friend. Even after the first time I came to GW, I thought you were a girl, xD, but you were still a real good friend.

Swimmy-Even after you called me a moron….and modded me…….and modded me for a second time, you were still really cool. And I thought you were a girl too (ono).

Albaro-Annoying. I’m JK, but you were really bothersome, but cool. You did good at makign 3IC of GW.

Cold Pizza- Probabaly the oldest dude in CP I’ve ever met. At 15 years of age, you remain in CP Warfare. That- that’s pretty impressive.

And most importantly, Dan- You were probabaly the most coolest guy I have ever met. You were the only one who could flood 3 chats at once with a speech….or make me fall asleep, but you were special that way xD. You were the fourth friend I have ever met in CP back in 2006. And now, you are the only friend that remains in CP armies. You were one of my only friends out of the 20 I used to have that remain active in CP armies. You were a hell of a soldier, and I promise, when I come back to visit, I will alays wait for you.

~Foley *For those who didn’t get on the list, you were still really, really cool like Flipper, Pirate Cody, etc*


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