A fair trade…

Mfw have currently offered us a trade. Sabertooth for Icicle and well, after alot of thought Gw agreed for the trade. Sabertooth is a historical server, but that is all. We have done nothing with the server and icicle is a better server for battles, recruiting, wars, etc.

This will be added as our party server in place of Sabertooth. Gw is currently having a map being made of our servers. For some reason, that’s what the soldiers wanted so what the heck, we will be making one lol. Anyways in this proposal each army will get the following:





This server is now an official Golden Warriors server. We will protect it just like all of our others and due to Sabertooth being a past gw server and mfw being our allies, we may still help protect that server every once in awhile.

What do you think of this trade? Good idea or bad idea?



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