The Storm Has Hit

Sai Edit We need ALL armies in OA to agree to let them in. You cannot decide on your own. We will have a meeting on letting them in or not.

Edit: The Red Blue Army is now in the OA. They are huge and should actually be in the top 10. They got anywhere between 12-20 at their last event and got up to 24 at another one. We are proud to announce the the RBA is now in the Orange alliance

Takedown of the ice warriors. A war has started, this was the “storm” I was talking about. As the Ice warriors and the Orange alliance once again fight against each other. Iw started this war again, and so they will lose this war again. The Ice warriors chose to declare war. Therefore, the OA is going to make the first move and make Icey wish he didn’t.

Now since Tacos are part of the Orange Alliance and the Ice warriors decided to invade them, we will help the Tacos both defend their capital, and invade Iw’s server Sleet.

DEFENSE OF BEANIE (tacos capital)

Where: Beanie, Town

When: Monday, February 22nd


Eastern: 4:00 P.M.

Central: 3:00 P.M.

Mountain: 2:00 P.M.

Pacific: 1:00 P.M.

UK: 9:00 P.M.


Where: Sleet

When: Monday, February 22nd

Time: 7 EST, 6 CST, 5 MT, 4 PST

Invasion Of Husky

Day: Tuesday, Febuary 23rd

Server: Husky      Room: Snow Forts

Chat: (for GW soldiers) AND

Times: 7:00 Eastern, 6:00 Central, 5:00 Mountain, 4:00 Pacific/Penguin Standard

Sorry for the short notice on these 3.

Comment 1 if you can make the defence of beanie

Comment 2 if you can make the invasion of sleet

Comment 3 if you can make the invasion of husky

Comment 4 if you can make all 3

Iw wanted war, we will give them war.


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