The takedown of Iw {2 invasions tomorrow}

Riotors Edit: The  OA were discussing if we should let the RBA and the SSCP  in the OA or not. Well we decided to vote.  So anyone who’s an Owner Rank you can pc a leader on Xat and give us a yes or no. We need your answers by tommorow!!!!-Thanks for your time

The Ice Warriors are the ones that declared war, and we will fight until they either lose all their servers or give up. The Ice Warriors are BARELY larger than the golden warriors. And with all the other allies, the Ice Warriors will fail completely.We don’t hate Iw, but hey, they are the ones that declared war so we will give them what they want.

Iw invaded Tacos capital (beanie) and failed miserably once. Now its time for the OA to take over 2 IW servers in one day.


Where: Sleet

When: Tuesday, February 23

Time: 7 EST, 6 CST, 5 MT, 4 PST

Invasion Of Husky: {Tomorrow}

Day: Tuesday, Febuary 23rd

Server: Husky Room: Snow Forts

Chat: (for GW soldiers) AND

Times: 7:00 Eastern, 6:00 Central, 5:00 Mountain, 4:00 Pacific/Penguin Standard

Now Gw, we are once again in our rightful place as the 4th largest army. If this war causes Iw to fall, we may end up 3rd. Stay active and stay strong.



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