An unfair defeat…

Well yes we lost, it was an unfair defeat though and im going to tell you 5 main reasons why.

  1. We had too much arguing over leaders
  2. Half the people on chat cound’t get in to the server
  3. Bad timings for United Kingdom
  4. Short notice on most of the Orange Alliance
  5. Team Gold (and possibly acp) helped Iw

In the beginning we were dominating, then we started losing, then it was a tie. This was arguable but what the heck, let Iw keep their server that they got an unfair victory over…for now.

*all that and they still BARELY beat us*

Wins so far



Keep fighting.


Now what we will do is remain in the dark and wait for Iw to retaliate. Whenever they invade we will Rally. Lets have some fun with this war.

Most wars have defences and invasions. We will have defences, invasions, rallys, raids, etc.

!!!Golden Warrior Rally today!!!


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